hello, I am writing for a banned friend, since his reports have not reached you for 3 days Few words about the situation: My friend crashed during the battle with the enforcer and he sent life restore. The mods that were exploring life restore said “something suspicious on the clip”, namely that the enforcer was spinning first in one direction (the correct one) and then started spinning in the opposite direction (the mods called this the reverse of the clip) however, this is the mechanics of roblox crush and the particles move in the other direction (this can be seen when the ethiron crashes, as well as the effects of the jetstriker, or its video issue but if this really isn’t Roblox’s fault, please understand us, he really didn’t want to do anything punishable, he didn’t even realize that he could get a ban for this, I just honestly don’t understand what’s wrong with this “reverse”, it’s just that it’s clear that it was spinning in the first place as it should and then in “reverse” I really ask you to understand this because there you can see that he crashed during the animation of Prediction and he got stuck, also you can see a friend who a bit later also got frozen (there is a screenshot where they are already in heaven) so I ask that even if you can’t life Restore because of this “reverse”, you shouldn’t ban, because it’s simply dishonest he wrote ban restore to which moderators did not answer him, so I stoped at the point of so I write resore for him. We also have a clip of reverse animations and ticket logs where you can see what the moderators discussed. Is there a chance I can ask you for help with all this evidence? if not, please write what we should do next* I'm really sorry for writing you